Tuesday, April 26, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Batman on the beach

halfwhiteboy batman shirt beachwear 01

I've been down for a week and have just been discharged from the hospital yesterday. Bummer, I know, but life goes on. As I'm psyching myself up for my return to work tomorrow, I'm trying to have nothing but good vibes. I'm even thinking of when I can make another trip to the beach while it's still summer (*wink wink*).

Sunday, April 10, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Summer and ombre swim shorts

halfwhiteboy beachwear 01

Perfect framing, right? No, not me. The cat!

Found it yet? I thought I only get photo-bombed by cats at home. But of course they're all alike, so even on vacation, there's always some furball who wants to get in the frame. I should've known better.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Sunset sessions

halfwhiteboy beachwear tank top 01

First trip to the beach this year and my happiness cannot be contained. What to wear may be a perennial concern but instead of buying more new stuff, I rummaged through my closet to see what I can find. So, good boy!

Monday, March 14, 2016

LOOKBOOK | In overalls, finally

halfwhiteboy overalls 01

As with denim jackets (and many other things for that matter), I have this longstanding fascination with overalls (or dungarees, as they're also called). Yet despite this prolonged desire, I have never owned one until recently. Wihee!

Though traditionally intended as work wear, overalls have of course found their way into mainstream fashion. Well, sort of. I mean, they're not as ubiquitous as jeans or joggers and finding one for guys can be a challenge. Otherwise, I would have already owned one a long time ago.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LOOKBOOK | The suited peacock

halfwhiteboy suit and peacock print shirt 01

You know one of those personality tests to know whether you're a panther, peacock, dolphin or owl? No surprise, I'm a peacock, described as colorful, exciting, fun, quick-witted, and adventurous. They're said to be natural entertainers. Well, the first time I took the test eons ago I was half-peacock and half-panther. Panthers are natural leaders and motivators, and are focused, outspoken, big thinkers, and also adventurous. I guess over the years I shed some of my fur and grew more feathers instead.

So I got this handsome black shirt with a peacock feather print a while back, which I think represents me very well. You can say I'm embracing my personality wholeheartedly without an iota of denial anywhere.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

FRAGRANCE | Burberry London: Probably my 2nd most favorite fragrance

burberry london 01

Although I've long declared Terre d'Hermes as my all-time favorite fragrance, I have this propensity to try other scents just because I want to. At any given time I have a couple of bottles in rotation but which I try very hard to keep to a minimum. And I do have several unopened ones, too, that I'm trying to ignore until at least a bottle's all used up. Throughout my fragrance-philandering life I've come across scents like L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme and Individuel by Mont Blanc that I liked but then there are fragrances that, other than Terre d'Hermes of course, I really love and keep coming back to.

One of them is Burberry London.

Friday, February 12, 2016

TRAVEL | 6 Tagaytay accommodation ideas for couples this Valentine's (or on any other occasion for that matter)

Magnificent view of the Taal Volcano and Lake from The Lake Hotel Tagaytay.

So it's Valentine's Day yet again this weekend and you still have no plans. How about spending the night in Tagaytay with your special someone? The cold weather there, especially at this time of year, makes it perfect for a quick romantic getaway.

Here are a few ideas on where to stay, all from personal experience. Hopefully they're not fully booked yet, though. But at any rate, you can always celebrate post-Valentine's. Or on any other day for that matter.

1. The Theodore Hotel
A 10-room bed and breakfast with nice interiors and a lot of character, The Theodore Hotel is perfect for couples who just want some quiet downtime together. Although they only serve all-day breakfast items, it's quite near a few restaurants. They do have a spa, too. Rooms are on the pricey side of things, however.

Monday, February 8, 2016

LOOKBOOK | Camo coordinates

halfwhiteboy camo coordinates 01

I suppose I needed the sunshine to wake me up. Although already showered and dressed up for work on a casual Friday, I was still sleepy.

I managed to get through the day, though, and elicited a lot of attention with my outfit. A rather bold choice, wearing matching shirt and pants isn't exactly a common practice among us guys. But the idea appealed to me, especially after trying it already while on vacation last December where, incidentally, it was also a camo coordinated set that I wore.

While that matching camo sweatshirt and joggers outfit was in a desert camo print, you can very well say that this is Camo on Camo Part 2. The print this time, though, is in a darker, jungle pattern with some blue thrown into the mix.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

LOOKBOOK | The velvety suit

halfwhiteboy velvet suit 01

I realized I've been buying suits for the last two months or so. It's a bit weird if I really think about it because where I work we don't really wear suits. Heck, nobody even wears a tie anymore! But in an irrational attempt at rationalizing my purchases, I only went after the ones that were on sale (okay, save for one). Less guilt, I guess?

Anyway, I've since made a resolve to put in a little more effort into dressing up for work. That includes wearing more long-sleeved shirts, neckties and bow ties, and yes, suits. I mean, I gotta wear all the stuff I've been buying, right? You see, I usually fall into this trap where, due to sheer laziness, I simply wear a pullover or sweatshirt with whatever pants that requires the least amount of ironing.

So today I'm wearing a suit. A velvety suit.

Monday, February 1, 2016

LOOKBOOK | 75 years of Bruce Lee with Giordano

halfwhiteboy giordano x bruce lee 01

Clothing brand Giordano has been revving up its image of late, which includes licensing deals for producing limited edition t-shirts. After getting hold of a couple of shirts from the Giordano x Voltes V collection, now I got another one, this time from the Giordano x Bruce Lee collection. (Well, Kwittiegirl also got one.)
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